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The Sun Times

Darryl Flowers, Publisher

409 Central Avenue

P.O. Box 578

Fairfield, Montana 59436

(406) 467-2334

The Sun Times, established in Fairfield in 1916, is an independent newspaper serving Augusta, Fairfield, Teton County and the Sun River Valley. Distributed to subscribers by mail each week, the Sun Times is also available at stores in Augusta, Fairfield, Choteau, Simms and Vaughn.

The Sun Times also offers commercial printing, including rodeo programs, flyers, rubber stamps and carbonless forms. The Montana-owned newspaper offers the most advanced digitizing service in the Montana for the conversion of historic photos, documents and negatives to a digital format - including our library of historic Augusta-area newspapers, the Augusta Times and the Augusta News.

The Sun Times is proud to be the choice for printing the Augusta Rodeo Programs, Augusta Rodeo Posters and Day Sheets for over 40 years. We offer FREE delivery of print orders to Augusta each week.

 *Augusta Chamber of Commerce Business Member 2019

Choteau Acantha Newspaper Publisher Printer Augusta Teton County #augustamt #augustachamber

Choteau Acantha

Melody Martinsen

216 First Avenue NW

P.O. Box 320

Choteau, MT 59422

(406) 466-2403

Established in 1893 and continuously published for the past 117 years. Total circulation averages about 2,000 per week with 1,700 subscriptions and about 300 sold at newsstands. The Acantha is published once a week and primarily delivered by U.S. mail. 

The Choteau Acantha also runs a commercial print shop, providing professional letterhead, business cards, envelopes and business forms. 

Business office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

 *Augusta Chamber of Commerce Business Member 2019