Barrett Land and Livestock Augusta MT Montana Cattle Ranch #augustamt #augustachamber

Barrett Land and Livestock Inc.

Will and Megan Barrett

P.O. Box 99

Augusta, MT 59410

(406) 562-3313

 *Augusta Chamber of Commerce Business Member 2019

Flying Shit House Ranch Augusta MT Hay Cow Calf Anheuser Busch Miller Coors #augustachamber

Flying Shit House Ranch

P.O. Box 211

Augusta, MT 59410

(406) 562-3250


Four generations of family ranching along the Rocky Mountain Front. Cow/calf operation. Raise seed/malt/barley for Anheuser-Busch and Miller-Coors. We sell hay!

*Augusta Chamber of Commerce Business Member 2019

Cobb Charolais Ranch of Augusta MT

Cobb Charolais Ranch

P.O. Box 289

Augusta, MT 59410

(406) 562-3694


Purebred Charolais Ranch started in 1950s by Buddy and Cecil Cobb and presently run by John Cobb, Cheryl Lux, Mike Cobb and Sarah Howe-Cobb. The mission is to raise quality bulls and to sell them twice a year to customers.

*Augusta Chamber of Commerce Business Member 2019

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